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Monday 17

TONY LEVIN, CALIFORNIA GUITAR TRIO — With a resume that includes playing with King Crimson, Peter Gabriel and Pink Floyd, bassist Tony Levin is obviously among the most creative and sought-after masters of the four- or five-stringed axe. Tonight he performs with the California Guitar Trio, classically trained disciples of Robert Fripp who are renowned for innovative acoustic arrangements of everything from Beethoven to surf/pop favorites. Variety Playhouse (Nicoll)

SPRAGUE BROTHERS, DITCHDIGGERS — A double serving of raw 'n' raunchy corn-fed country/punkabilly, greased with equal parts Brillcream and bacon fat. The Spragues really are brothers, and the vocal harmonies prove it. They deliver a retro-influenced conglomerate of sounds that incorporate everything from Surf riffs to the Mersey Beat, and from Buddy Holly melodies to Everly Brothers singing. It's fun stuff, and a good way to spend a Monday night. Smith's Old Bar (Nicoll/Kelly)

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