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MMG Presents: Self Made Vol. 1

Warner Bros.



As a rapper, Rick Ross is limited. As an A&R, though, Ross possesses quite a sophisticated ear for what's hot. His Maybach Music imprint has expanded in recent months to include artists like Wale and Atlanta's Pill, both of whom revel in finding sticky new cadences and sharp turns of phrase. Collaborative effort Self Made Vol. 1 is an opulent, star-studded affair, with production (orchestrated by Lex Luger, the Inkredibles and others) as sleek as the luxury vehicles Ross so gamely collects. Everyone here is on cruise control — Jadakiss sounds particularly out of sorts on "600 Benz" — but the synths gleam and the bass rumbles throughout, guaranteeing a fun if bawdy soundtrack to your Memorial Day weekend. The new signees are no slouch, either. Maybe Self Made Vol. 1 is a tossed-off label compilation, and maybe you don't need it. As far as tossed-off label compilations go, though, it knocks pretty hard. (3 out of 5 stars)

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