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Misfits: "Land of the Dead" b/w "Twilight of the Dead" 12-inch

Misfits Records



Jerry Only is doing Misfits fans a grave injustice by flogging the corpse of a band that died decades ago. A Pavlovian response occurs when the skull of one of the most successfully branded bands of all time peaks out from the cover of its latest offering. But this certainly is not the Misfits of yore. Only (bass and vocals) leads B-level Misfits and Black Flag alumni Robo (drums) and Dez Cadena (guitar) through two George Romero-inspired cuts. Each is a fun, albeit lame horror-punk anthem in which Only does his best Glenn Danzig impersonation. What makes them truly awful is how they charade as Misfits songs, but don't deliver on the promises made by the band's name. It's a pathetic affront to anyone who knows the band's legacy. Why not shed the baggage and call it a Jerry Only record? It worked for Danzig. 2 out of 5 stars.

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