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Minus the Bear

Interpretaciones del Oso



Two years ago, Seattle band Minus the Bear released Menos el Oso, a fine collection of sharp yet unpredictable songs. Ten producers remixed cuts from that album for Interpretaciones del Oso, and the results are equally unexpected, if not necessarily an improvement. Gone are the band's shifty, push-and-pull guitars, and in their stead are dense atmospherics and gaping ambient noise. Minneapolis rapper P.O.S. turns "Drilling" into a lurching metal cut; Oktopus from Dalek gives "The Game Needed Me" a progressive-rock makeover; L.A. scenester IQU adds dance-rock beats to "This Ain't a Surfin' Movie"; Tyondai Braxton from Battles reinterprets "Fulfill the Dream" as intelligent dance music; and Alias remakes "Pachuca Sunrise" into a yearning electronic ballad. These eclectic interpretations can't replace the intense math-rock brilliance of Menos el Oso, but they're fun to listen to, and should tide fans over until Minus the Bear returns with a real follow-up this summer. 3 stars.

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