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Mike Bonanno's top five



Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum are the brains behind the Yes Men, a pair of merry anti-corporate pranksters and culture jammers, and now also the subjects of a self-titled movie (Columbia Tristar Home Video). Bonanno, half of the satirical team that has lampooned corporate malfeasance and absurdity, shares some of his favorite diversions.

1) Darwin's Nightmare -- International Film Circuit: "This mind-blowing doc demonstrates why more wars in Africa make the price of fish go down."

2) Jason Martin -- Evolution/Revolution (jasonmartin@wowcool.com): "The reel-to-reel master reborn as a wolf. The new band of animals play down-home funk pop that will make you want to live another day."

3) VivoLabs Art Studio/Laboratory's hymNEXT(TM) Designer Hymen Project: "This woman is using tissue culture technologies to grow 'designer hymens' for 'revirgination' of women. WOW!"

4) Paris Catacombs Tactical Media Conference: Bring enough supplies for three days underground. Paris, France. Contact the Yes Men at www.theyesmen.org for dates.

5) Aqua sports: Take a day to experience down-river swimming in the cleanest nearby river.

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