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Midtown majorette

A quick look at Atlanta's fashion sense


Don't be confused: This is no Halloween photo. This picture was taken just last week on 10th Street after Dirty Looks had been scouting out the area for Midtown's infamous resident majorette.

Regularly delighting the area's business community, this "leader of the band," twirls his baton, blows his whistle and shakes his thing, up, down and around Peachtree Street on a whim.

The red-caped crusader demanded a dollar from Dirty Looks to take his picture.

This dancing queen's outfit screams fun, from the black and white cropped cowboy boots with feather tassels (which also adorn his wrists) to the silver trimmed red tutu; from the body-hugging gray tights to the Elton John-esque red shades.

Where it all came from, why he parades the streets, and what kind of music blasts from those earphones, he wouldn't tell. Well, he might have, but Dirty Looks didn't have anymore cash.


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