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Metalsome Monday at the 10 High Club



NOTHIN' BUT A GOOD TIME: Childhood dreams of rock-stardom tend to fade when bills and college debt become cold realities. While most of us have settled into the daily grind, there's still a chance to live the life — even if it's only for a night. On Monday evenings, Metalsome Inc. puts on "live rock karaoke" at the 10 High Club, where $7 buys you a backup band made up of local personalities, a stage swathed in multicolored lights, and your choice of songs from a long list of anthems.

I WANNA BE SEDATED: If you need a little liquid courage — and let's be honest, most of us will — your standard dive bar beers and mixed drinks are only $4.50. Jägermeister shots dropped in Red Bull, aptly named the "Flu Shot," claim to make you forget what ails you, and the hot bartenders are the spoonful of sugar that makes the medicine go down.

JUST WHAT I NEEDED: The thrill of the entire experience is one balls-to-the-wall way to blow off steam. And, no matter how badly you massacre the lyrics, the crowd — complete with hipsters, off-duty doctors sporting scrubs and girls who look like bona fide former hair-band groupies — goes wild for those who brave the stage. Talk about living the dream.

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