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Meehan's Celtic crusade


Meehan's Ale House in Vinings is not a place to sip your drinks quietly or to "see and be seen." Meehan's is a bar for getting drunk.

Its intimate, shotgun design and its dark wooden walls, booths and tables made me feel like I'd tripped into a rural Irish pub. I almost wanted someone to call me "lass." No one did.

There are no bar games at Meehan's, save one dartboard in the corner, so me and my friends and I were forced to talk to strangers, mostly twenty- to thirtysomethings. We joked around and, sipping the Guinness, Boddingtons and Harp on tap, fueled our fictional Irish blood.

My Scotch-drinking friend, who prides himself on being a "serious" drinker, usually drinks alone, which makes him surly. But Meehan's has a list of 20 single malts including Craggenmore (12 year; $7.50), MaCallan (18 year; $12), and Deanston (12 or 17 year; $7.50 and $8 respectively). He was like a kid in a toy store. He became a happy drunk, and that was very weird.

The worst thing about Meehan's is the single toilet for the girls. Plan accordingly. The line was so long I almost missed dinner. My girlfriend assured me that good fish 'n' chips ($10) is hard to find, but the ones served here were Guinness-battered, greasy and goddamn delicious. We all left stuffed.

I had been in the mood for pointless conversation and loud drinkers, and I found it. I also found my new local bar. Perfect Irish drinking on a Saturday night.

Meehan's Ale House, 2810 Paces Ferry Road #300. Ale House hours: Mon.-Sat. 11:30-2 a.m.; Sun. noon-midnight. Kitchen hours: Tues.-Sat. 11:30-1 a.m.; Sun.-Mon. noon-11 p.m. Draft beer: 20-ounce, $5; 10-ounce, $3.25. Bottled beer $3-$4. Malts $6-$12. 770-433-1920.

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