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Matt Horgan sings a zombie song

Improvising a Song of the Living Dead! at Dad's Garage



He's played the First Amish Man in Space, and perhaps even more impressively, former President Jimmy Carter (while Jimmy Carter was in the audience!). Now Matt Horgan, ensemble improviser at Dad's Garage, puts character to paper in co-scripting (with Travis Sharp) Song of the Living Dead!: A Zombie Musical. The musical, directed by Kate Warner with music composed by Eric Frampton, runs June 6-July 5.

Radio: "My favorite movie ever! Well, OK, I haven't actually seen this thing. But just the idea of Cuba Gooding Jr. playing a mentally handicapped man who rides around in a shopping cart, and Ed Harris' over-the-top dialogue ('We're not the ones who've been teachin' Radio. Radio's the one been teachin' us!') make this my all-time favorite movie to mention in an ironic manner."

Team Fortress 2: "This is the game that is murdering my social life. Online, class-based multiplayer team warfare has never been so fun ... or looked so cool. Plus, through my ridiculous headset I can chat with the rest of my TF2 nerd buddies and exchange in-jokes and game strategies. ROFLOMG SPY IN OUR BASE!!!"

"MXC": "The most hilariously brutal show on TV right now. Poor little Japanese people taking horrible falls and crushing impacts, and always landing face first in waist-deep mud. I can rarely catch my breath when this is on."

Trash Can Sinatras: "I have to admit that I am a sucker for pretty, sensitive pop music. I'm constantly catching shit for it around the theater, too. The Trash Can Sinatras have been around since the early '90s, and are still putting out great, great music. If you're riding in my car on a road trip, I'll pop one of these discs in and you're guaranteed to either cry or fall asleep."

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q: "Anyone who knows me will tell you I am obsessed with barbecue, and the beef brisket here is the stuff of my dreams. All of the side dishes at Fox Bros. are also delicious and expertly done. Plus, the two brothers that run the place are both immense men, and that's exactly who I want serving me slow-roasted meats!"

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