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Mary Lou Q.

This Athens-dweller was spotted outside Fox Theatre after the Pixies' first Atlanta show. Naturally, she was glowing.


Though Mary Lou (Dirty Looks totally digs her name) is currently finishing up her master's in English lit at UGA, she started her program at the University of Wales, so items like her plaid skirt hail from the far-off island.

Spending time in Europe makes it easier for a girl to hop from country to country for a clothing fix. This red top is from H&M in Amsterdam.

Like many who live in the British Isles, she also has a knack for layering -- the red fishnets (a mere $5 from Wal-Mart) lie underneath a pair of adorable knee socks with demure flowers on the sides.

The band wasn't the only throwback to an earlier decade that evening -- Mary Lou's black boots are an ancient pair of Candie's purchased so long ago that she can't even remember where she bought them or how much they cost.


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