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Maria Bamford

Super Deluxe mainstay performs at the Punchline


Kiddie-voiced comedian Maria Bamford has become a favorite of the humor website Super Deluxe with her own show and appearances on "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job," in addition to her two Comedy Central specials. Look for her on TV in Fox's upcoming animated show "Sit Down, Shut Up" (from the creator of "Arrested Development"). Bamford performs live Tues.-Wed., May 20-21, at the Punchline.

You're a part of a first generation of Web-based comics. How does it feel to be a pioneer?

If by pioneer, you mean I ran and jumped on the bandwagon, then it is great and I am proud to be a part of the gravy train to Atlanta (where Turner is located).

How much do you think the use of the Web helps gain a broader audience in a faster way as opposed to waiting for TV shows to get green-lighted? Has it helped further your career in a more expedient way than TV?

Superfans can forward the shows to their friends, and soon you have tons of like-minded people watching in their free time rather than waiting to tape it or watch it at a specific time. The odd part is that there is no longer a universal audience, where everyone is watching the same programming and it is hard to gather around the water cooler. It could be the start of civil unrest/polarization OR the end of fascism.

Among the following, which comedy troupe do you wish you could have been a part of: Second City, the Groundlings, Monty Python, the Little Rascals or Christopher Guest's little band of thieves? And why?

I'm going to say the last choice because I don't know anything about it (beyond his movies). With Second City and Groundlings, I'd have to audition. With Monty Python there would be no other ladies, and with Little Rascals, I'd be put on drugs.

You've said you've been treated for depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder. How much does that inform your comedy, and how much does it informing your comedy help you deal with that? Is it cathartic/therapeutic in any way?

Oh yes! I like to talk about it because if people laugh, then they know what I'm talking about and I don't feel so alone! It is all about me. Help me to help me help me.

You have two dogs, Bert and Blossom. Why pugs?

Bert, who's 7 years old and blind, and Blossom, who's 11, are old pugs, and like me, old pugs are always ready for a nap. Also, like me, they enjoy food, snuggling and are very good with babies, the elderly and street-fight champions.

-- David Lee Simmons

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