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Lust List 2014



Congratulations, CL readers. After 12 years of nominating everyday Atlantans for the annual Lust List, you've proven yourselves legitimate creepsters.

This year we received twice as many nominations as last. No longer novices, you've stretched the parameters of your pervitude from typical barmaids, waiters, and personal trainers to include health food store proprietors, aerial acrobats, even doggie day care managers, you animals.

In this age of social-media stalking, where people hide their intentions and inhibitions behind random screen names, it's refreshing to know that you're still exploring the city with unbound libidos. Mating rituals may have gone digital, but there are plenty catfish in the sea. So after you sussed out the hotties, we did some prodding of our own. And we discovered beauty isn't only skin deep.

Call us cliché, but we found ourselves falling in love with who they are on the inside: a Buckhead bar owner with a secret plan to bring smiles to 100 million faces, a recent transplant committed to spurring economic development in his community, a former livestock farmer intent on rescuing and rehabilitating aggressive dogs for adoption, an aspiring writer with a bleeding heart for the homeless and discarded.

And the Lust List goes on. Dig in and get to know them intimately.

— Rodney Carmichael

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