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Lust List 2010: Sarah



Job: Barista at Starbucks
Age: 24
Status: Single

By day, this Little Five Points resident can be found, brown eyes hidden behind bangs, in that 'hood's Starbucks slinging java for wide-eyed admirers — some of whom, we were told, don't exactly stop by just for the coffee. By night, she's handing out sparklers at parties she's promoting, posting concert critiques on her culture blog, SorryDarlin.com, and making heads turn at the city's music venues. An unabashed lover of nightlife and dance parties, the 5-foot-10 Mincher — who became single last fall — is finishing up her political science degree at Kennesaw State University. But don't fret, lonely hearts, she plans on sticking around to make after-hours Atlanta a tad more enticing.

What’s your preferred cocktail?
Grey Goose and soda. And I hope I get a lot more free ones out of this.

Which is more your style: Red Bull or chamomile tea?
Red Bull. I just drank one before I got here.

What band were you obsessed with when you were 14?
No Doubt.

Who was your first crush?
My first crush was this boy named Silas. I kissed him on a tire swing when I was 10 and got detention. That pretty much started off my whole love life. I really haven't stopped kissing boys since.

What’s your most gruesome childhood injury?
I zipped my knee into a suitcase once. I don't remember how it happened, I just know it did happen and I have a scar from it. The cut was zipper-y.

What comic book character would you most like to be?
Hmmm. I'd like to be Catwoman. I like the word "meow" and I'd like to use that more often. But I don't want to be a Halle Berry-Catwoman. She's like the poor man's Catwoman. Is that horrible? Scratch all that — I want to be a Bond girl.

How many dates before you go all the way?
I'll just say there needs to be a lot of wining and dining.

What would be your last meal if you were on death row?
Grilled cheese, chocolate milkshake and steak fries with honey mustard.

What’s your credit rating?
Apparently, really bad. My mom sends me emails about it all the time.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
Sometimes I like to tell my friends I'm out on a date when in reality I'm in my apartment by myself eating takeout and watching movies because I don't want to be weird and blow everyone off and just do whatever I want.

What movie is your life most like?
I wish it was more like Lord of the Rings. I want some kind of massive quest like that! Probably some crazy party movie like 200 Cigarettes.

Do you have a favorite quote or a mantra?
"You get more flies with honey than vinegar." I think about that a lot. I try to be sweet and respectful rather than being harsh and a bitch.

Do you have a drug of choice?

What’s the most romantic spot in Atlanta?
The MJQ back room? I don't know. I never go to romantic things. Tell a guy to take me to one!

What did you like best/least about your ex?
I liked best that he really took care of me and loved me for myself and not for superficial reasons. He liked nothing to do with the parties, blogging, anything like that. He just wanted to be around me for the right reasons. And he was like my cheerleader. No matter what I wanted to do, he'd always root me on. He was a good boyfriend.

On which reality TV show would you most like to be a cast member?
True story: I was a semifinalist on “America's Next Top Model” when I was 20. I'm willing to be on any reality show. I think I should have my own show. I even wrote Bravo a letter about it. And then sent me back a letter that said, "Thanks for your interest."

What’s your favorite curse word?
Fuck. It's fun to scream out when you're drunk.

When was the last time you cried, and why?
Yesterday, because I couldn't find the shoes I wanted to wear before I went out. I'm a crybaby. I cry maybe once a day. But if you saw the shoes, you probably would've cried, too. They're pretty amazing.

Name the last book you couldn’t finish.
My Sister's Keeper. I was just like, “Hell, no, this is getting depressing.”

What’s your favorite piece of art in your house?
All the art in my house is by my roommate, who's a painter. Isabella Pennington.

What’s your best move on the dance floor?
You know, I do a lot of fist-pumping. Thank you, Jersey Shore. It's all about the fist pumps in 2010.

What’s your best move in bed?
I'm a great kisser.

What happens when you die?
I don't want to think about it. Question of the day. My roommate and I were actually talking about that earlier.

If you were convicted of a crime, what would it be?
Probably burning down my ex-boyfriend's house or something like that. It would definitely involve an ex-boyfriend. I'm a little crazy. No one's gonna want to date me now.

How often do you talk to your mother?
Every other day. She's my best friend. She's a great role model.

Describe your best date.
They need to pick me up, because I hate it when guys make me drive or I pick them up. It'd probably include Mexican food, maybe a film, dancing. I want him to be able to kick up with my friends. I'm a social person, so I like to go out to clubs on dates.

What’s in your glove box?
Traveling hair straightener, lip gloss, hairspray, mini-sewing kit in case of emergencies. Basically, a mini make-up counter.

Who would play you in a movie?
With bangs? Zooey Deschanel. Without bangs? Selma Blair. At least that's what I've been told numerous times.

What’s the sexiest part of the male anatomy?
Hmmm. I like lips. Or a good stomach, too.

What’s the best place to see live music?
The Earl.

What’s your porn name?
Mocha Lane.

How often do you exercise?
I dance on the regular. [Laughs] I do sit-ups and push-ups in my room almost every day. But I don't really go out there and run or do more than that.

What’s the best album to make out to?
Broken Social Scene, anything.

Name a celeb you could take in a fight.
Snooki. I'd take down Snooki.

Read us the last text message you sent.
Oh, my God. The guy next to me in computer science class was watching hard-core porn. I texted my mom, "Dude next to me is watching porn in class and it's so gross." She's a nurse, so she asks these really specific questions: "Does he have an erection?"

Who’s your role model for sexiness?
Angelina Jolie. She's so sexy no matter what she does. She's super-chic. She just carries herself well.

What’s in your nightstand?
Ooo, that's a secret.

What’s your weirdest recurring dream?
I have a dream about the Care Bears that I've had ever since I was little and that they live in my parents' back yard. And it's never gone away. I don't know what it means. Maybe you could analyze it for me.

What’s the lamest pickup line someone tried to use on you?
Someone just IM'ed me the other day and said, "I just really have the feeling we need to spend a lot of time together." And I was like, I'm glad you feel like that. It was just so random.

With whom would you most like to play spin the bottle?
[British comedian] Noel Fielding, Adrien Brody, and James Bond-era Sean Connery.

What’s the furthest from home you’ve ever been?
I lived in England last summer. But farthest? Probably Paris.

Name three foods that are part of your regular diet.
Probably Red Bull, coffee and Mexican food. Mmmm so healthy.

How would you hold up under torture?
Not well. Let's be honest. “I'll tell you anything you want to know! Just don't touch my hair!”

Which are cooler: Vampires or zombies?
Vampires. By far. Zombies are so over. People have milked it for all it's worth. Every month there are so many zombie parties, and I'm like, when are people going to get tired of these zombie parties. Because I'm not putting this make-up on my face again.

Who’s hotter: Jack or Sawyer?
Sawyer. No! Sayid! I actually want a Sawyer-Sayid sandwich.

What one item would you save if your house was flooding?
A necklace from my grandmother.

Would you sooner buy stolen designer jeans or a stolen flat screen?
Jeans. C'mon now.

Are you rooting for the Colts or Saints?
Is that football? Whatever colors I like better. That's how I pick my teams. It's all the colors.

What’s your ring tone?
Boring. Standard. It's normally on vibrate because that's extra fun.

What’s the best way for a customer to hit on you?
Tell me you like my website and I'll start talking to you.

What’s your favorite local band?
Atlas Sound.

Why do you think you're on the Lust List?
I don't know. Thank my customers. I sure do love it, though. It's making my day.


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