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Lewis Black

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Political satirist Lewis Black has never been hotter. Along with his 2005 book, Nothing's Sacred, his Tuesday "Back in Black" appearances on "The Daily Show" and the recent DVD release of his comedy special Red, White and Screwed, Black has a featured role as a speechwriter for comedian-turned-president Robin Williams in the current Barry Levinson comedy Man of the Year. Black's tour takes him once again through Atlanta on Sat., Oct. 28, 8 p.m., at the Tabernacle.

You said in your HBO special how crazy, and how fast, the news is these days that it's hard as a comic to keep up. Why is that?

I think it'll calm down. ... I've been saying on stage, Sen. Mark Foley is in charge of the committee to deal with laws governing sexual predators, and he's a sexual predator. What am I supposed to do with that? It's perfect! It's so stunningly dark, it's such a stunning piece of black humor, it's like ... you're really kind of almost breathless.

You've brought incredulity to such a new level, I almost worry you're going to burst a blood vessel. Does your family worry about you?

My family's good with it, but people always seem to ask about it. A guy interviewed me once with a blood-pressure thing on my arm, and got me excited and then I'd calm down and then he got me excited. I have perfect blood pressure. It's all I have. Everything else is probably rotting to the core. ... I attribute it to screaming a lot. I think it helps.

Which potential 2008 presidential candidates are you looking to skewer?

Hillary [Clinton] will be good, but I gotta wait for it to float to the top for stuff, 'cause she's basically trying to do what her husband did: Be all things to all people. You got a woman, she's coming out with a flag amendment? Don't burn the flag? Please. Please. Stop it. Then you got [John] McCain, who's kind of sucking up. Somehow, the closer they come to running for the presidency, the more clueless they seem to become. If [John] Edwards runs again, he's always good because he's got that big grin, which leads you to believe he's slightly retarded. [Mitt] Romney's a Mormon. There's a good idea. And then try to explain some of that stuff to the American people. He runs and the whole Book of Mormon gets open, and that's phenomenal.

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