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Arrington's Truth


Mr. Sugg,

I recently read your article ("Arrington's truth vs. the media's spin," Metropolis, April 16) about Judge Marvin Arrington and I thought you hit the nail on the head!

There are far too many (racist) morons who decry any attempt to tell the truth and far too few politicians, and those like them, willing to do the same.

I happen to know Mr. Arrington (we used to eat breakfast at the Beautiful Restaurant on Cascade Road regularly) and I know him to be a native Atlantan who actually cares about the plight of Atlanta's young people (black, white and otherwise).

As a sitting judge, I am sure that he sees a disproportionate number of young African-American males in his courtroom facing real prison time for their ignorance and their behavior. I immediately understood why he did what he did.

I could not begin to understand the reason this issue ever made it on the news, much less out of the courthouse.

I appreciate you and your courage to speak the truth!

– G. D. Stanford, Stone Mountain

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