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'New low for CL' and more

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I'm sorry, but Creative Loafing has reached a new low with this article on the "Atlanta's 11 Least Influential People" (Nov. 8). Why waste precious ink on these losers (especially the guy)? It's not even funny. There are so many interesting things happening right now with the performing arts and fine arts... it's sad that you would focus on mind-numbing stories such as this.

– Claire Fowler, Atlanta


Lame. What total lies. Are there really people in this day and age who are stupid enough to believe this drivel?

How irresponsible of Creative Loafing to give a mouthpiece (Profile, "D.L. Foster," Nov. 15) to this blatant falsehood. No one chooses to be gay. Why would anyone CHOOSE to be treated like a third-class citizen? Why would a gay person choose to hated, feared and lied about by ignorant people like Ms. Vinson? This falsehood that people choose to be gay is propaganda by religious zealots who want to rationalize and legitimize their hatred and bigotry in any means they can.

I feel sorry for Mr. Foster that his self-loathing and internalized homophobia are so pervasive that he feels he has to pretend to be straight and pray consistently to deny the fact he was born gay.

Shame on this illegitimate "news" publication for being a willing participant in perpetuating this complete fraud that being gay is a choice or that prayer to Jesus can "cure" you from homosexuality.

Creative Loafing isn't just living in the Bible Belt, it's operating like it's still in the Middle Ages. Wake up and stop giving people the out to continue discriminating against gays and lesbians.

– Zak Toper, Atlanta


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