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Bring water to the front, Don't Panic taken seriously



Your article about the Atlanta water crisis should not have been buried on page 19 (Fallout, "Growth, growth everywhere but not a drop to drink," Oct. 18) ... it should have been the cover story. I am already preparing for the water rationing (yes, rationing) that is inevitable while the rest of metro area citizens ignore and/or deny this issue. Do you have the courage to devote an entire issue to what the metro area faces or are you going to continue to bury these types of articles? If the pen truly is mightier than the sword, you and the rest of the media have an obligation to prepare, not frighten, citizens for what is to come. If not, you are as much to blame as our fearless leaders in state and local government.

– Jennifer Moore, Decatur

Gossip and geopolitical columnist?

What do you do with a writer who's in over his head doing the gossip column? Have him write on geopolitics, of course. I've no doubt Andy could have a great career as joke writer for stand-up comics, but he's just not credible as a serious columnist.

In his musings on the Pelosi/Armenian genocide resolution (Don't Panic, "What is the Armenian genocide?", Oct. 18), he misses the point, although I suppose he could be deliberately misleading people. He gives quite good detail on the history involved, but that was never the point of the story. It is obvious the Democrats, unable to convince enough voters to let them defund the war effort, are stabbing George Bush in the back any way they can. Sadly, if they succeed, it will do what the enemy would love to be able to do: disrupt our supply lines.

Don't call them unpatriotic, but it sure appears that the Democrats work toward the same goals as our insane, religious-fanatic enemies. Bush Derangement Syndrome is so sad.

In a childish parting shot, the moonlighting gossip columnist quotes the president supporting a similar resolution in 2000. What does this prove? Worldwide war changes everything. Who could predict we would need the Turks as allies? Bush is attempting to deal with the world as it is while the left is still fighting the 2000 election. If it wasn't dangerous, it would be sad.

– Dave Sims, Atlanta

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