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Free speech for everyone


Free Speech For Everyone, even meanies

I read articles in CL often, both in print and on the Web, and this is the first time I have commented on any of them. I believe there are more people like myself reading CL than the pathetic racists who are hanging around lately to flex their free speech. Many people I have met over the years have thoughts of censoring racist comments. For a website like CL, you have done the best you could to let everyone be heard, which, as much as I view racism with disgust and revulsion, is the right course of action (From the Editor, April 5).

Many racists are also people who blame the mainstream media and its alleged liberalism for the deterioration of our society and the problems in the world. Yes, I get angry when I hear these people speak in public places such as restaurants, bars, etc. Once alcohol is combined with a racist, his true colors will be shown with pride no matter what façade he wears on any given day. I find it hypocritical for someone to call himself conservative, yet want to tell others what to think and parade racism through the streets. Understand, I am only saying I have noticed how so many racists call themselves conservative, NOT that all conservatives are racists.

Thank you for upholding free speech, even through the pain of dealing with these people.

Matthew Elliott, Woodstock

Collegiate Consciousness

I thank Mr. Sugg for bringing up how freedoms students won in the '60s are being taken (Metropolis, March 29). As a student at GPC [Georgia Perimeter College], I feel the authoritative war on college campuses. I've been trying for years to bring political/activist events into my school so that students know what's happening on a deeper level and can therefore respond effectively. In almost every single attempt, I have been shut down by school administrators. I was fired from my post as senator in the Student Government Association at the Lawrenceville campus for exposing money embezzlement and other corrupt practices. At the Dunwoody campus, a mock trial for the Bush regime I'd organized was cancelled by the sponsoring advisor in response to my protesting (non-disruptively) on campus. Later, he admitted that the school administration had pressured him to do so. A GPC calculus professor was reprimanded for stating in class that the twin towers could not mathematically fall the way the government claims. Students are not being allowed to form clubs despite the lack of similar clubs on campus. College campuses, as one of our last resorts of sanity, must be saved if there's any hope for a future of consciousness in America.

– Misty Novitch, Dunwoody

Missing a Favorite

I was surprised to see that you included A Capella Books in the L5P section and Outwrite in the Midtown section, but not Charis Books (Urban Explorer's Handbook, March 29). I have lived in Atlanta for four years and Charis outranks both of these stores. Charis is more than a bookstore. It is a community center, a place to meet people, as well as hear great speeches, and see an occasional screening. To fail to mention Charis is to fail to mention an important part of the Atlanta community.

Tiffany Brand, Decatur

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