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Hip-hop's shadowy empire, The Pursuit of Happyness


Think Twice

I was always curious about what happened to the BMF crew (cover story, "BMF: Hip-hop's shadowy empire, part III of III" Dec. 21). I knew one day that shit would catch up to them. They did too much showboating. They did throw the hottest parties though. They broadcast all their shit on SMACK. SMACK showed me that they were nationwide. They had two billboards in the 'A', everybody knew who they were.

When you are in the drug game, keeping a low profile is best. Not that I am condoning the drug game, but everyone knows that when you get too big, and when you have too many team members, people will snitch and/or find you out. It doesn't matter how organized you are. Is it worth it?

-- Jacqueline Stratton, Union City

Enough of the race card!

Why in the world did you take the review of The Pursuit of Happyness (Flicks, "Moving on up," Dec. 14) onto the irrelevant path of race and equality? I am so sick and tired of hearing about racism, equality and all other things sprung from the Civil War era that I just want to throw up. In everyday life, I hear at least 20 references a day to the oppression endured by blacks, and how we need to end it. Do you people not understand that it is a product of your own creation? Do you not understand that the more you bring it up, the more it is a problem? I mean, the whole argument is so damn hypocritical anyway. There are FAR more racist African-Americans in this country, and this town for sure than any other demographic. I mean, the freaking Civil War is over. We have been trying to move on ever since. In your next review, just go ahead and say it and get it over with: "We will not let this stand until we get our reparations checks!"

All I want to know is: Why? Why is it always the same damn story?

-- Jason Jackson, Atlanta

No sympathy here

Give me a friggin' break! The pic of Agnes Martin (cover story, "Homewreckers," Nov. 23) likens her to a damn nun and makes her out to be the victim here.

We don't blame the bank when someone's car gets repossessed, so why the hell would you guys blame the banks and mortgage people when someone's house gets foreclosed upon???

People who spend too much and cannot afford a house should NOT BUY A HOUSE!!! Home ownership is NOT a right. It is a privilege bestowed upon those who have enough money. Ditto with a car, expensive jewelry, vacations, whatever!

Funny how CL chose a black woman to make into the victim and white men who are the evil mortgage guys. Innocent men and women who want a bargain are called "rabid bidders." This story is a crock of crapola.

The facts are facts. Those of any race who cannot afford a house or a second or a third mortgage have no business getting one. Plain and simple. It is called RESPONSIBILITY.

Alyssa, it seems you have become a real yellow journalist -- from your half-truths on illegal aliens to this stuff. You should be ashamed of yourself, girl!

-- Jack Franco Handmacher, Atlanta


Beautiful article (Headcase, "Don't grunt," Nov. 30), your encounters at the old Y recall the "chamber of horrors" on the University of New Orleans campus. Smelly, archaic and completely unintentional. After numerous encounters with annoying intentional gyms in the Atlanta area, I have found a home in the early a.m. at the Gold's in Snellville. Cool people, but hideous music. Peace and Husker Doo.

-- Andrew Quinn, Atlanta


Last week's cover story ("BMF: Hip-hop's shadowy empire, part III of III," Dec. 21) contained an incorrect spelling for Marque Dixson's nickname. The correct spelling is "Baby Bleu."

Last week's Shortlist incorrectly referred to Centennial Olympic Park's main ice-skating rink as synthetic. The kiddie rink is synthetic, but the main rink is real ice.

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