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Atlanta Ballet Orchestra my nuts


Atlanta ballet orchestra my nuts

I wanted to point out that your article (cover story, "2006 holiday guide," Nov. 30) states that the Atlanta Ballet's Nutcracker "promises to feature the Atlanta Ballet Orchestra." In fact, that is quite an empty promise, as the ballet's management has locked out the orchestra for the foreseeable future and is instead using recorded music for all performances this season, their press releases notwithstanding.

Back in August, in the middle of contract negotiations, management suddenly decided it didn't want an orchestra and would subject its dancers and audience to taped music. The musicians have been locked out of their jobs since then and are not playing live music, but the ballet is still advertising the Nutcracker under these false pretenses.

Similar announcements have been seen in other Atlanta-area media. It is my hope that the thousands of patrons of the ballet know the real story -- that this long-standing Atlanta tradition will now be performed to a prerecorded compact disc, and not an ensemble of professional musicians with years of experience.

The orchestra has picketed peacefully at performances, and many patrons have expressed that they feel duped by ballet management and were never informed that their season tickets would not include a live orchestra. I sincerely hope that Creative Loafing will shed light on this situation and inform the arts patrons of Atlanta.

-- Amy Trotz, Atlanta

finally, someone understands

I just read Curt Holman's review of the Jonestown movie (Flicks, "Twist of faith," Nov. 30). I thought that Mr. Holman showed sensitivity and even insight into Peoples Temple. As a Jonestown survivor, I have seen every approach in trying to -- at best understand and at worst minimize and ridicule -- Peoples Temple. What we survivors and relatives of those who died in Guyana want is an acknowledgment that the loss of those 913 lives was horrific. We lost our loved ones and that left big holes in our hearts and lives. We weren't the only ones to lose. The people of Jonestown were passionate and dedicated activists who saw Peoples Temple as a vehicle to make the world better. It is a loss for all of us who aren't here today. Thank you for cutting through the hype and taking a chance on telling the truth!

-- Laura Johnston Kohl, San Marcos, Calif.

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