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Do it at home

I was one of those who used to frequent Backstreet (albeit not for the drugs) ("It's 3 a.m. What now?" Oct. 20). At first, it was sad that Atlanta was becoming a pre-3 a.m. city. But the thing is, really, what should one be up past 3 a.m. for that you can't do at your own house? At 3 a.m., it is great to have clubbed all night and then view the antics over at the Buckhead IHOP, or any of the cafes in this city. After that, a long sleep followed by a hangover brunch is the best way to end the weekend. :)

-- Ernesto, via

Gee-tar licks

[Johnny Knox's set at the Candler Park FallFest] was fannnntastic (Scene & Herd, "Paddy whack for my daddy-O," Oct. 20). I didn't hear any profanity. Maybe I couldn't understand what he was saying, but I was mesmerized by his guitar licks. I was there with my 2-year-old and we had a blast.

-- Sean Keenan, via

So proud!

Tom Bell: Very nice article. It should get a few giggles from my friends (Shelf Space, "He's kissed worse," Oct. 20). They keep asking me if I heard any more from Tab Hunter.

One friend gave me some old magazines from her basement. Tab Hunter and Natalie Wood are featured on a page acting in their movie. We are all swooning over Tab Hunter and anxious to read his book.

I respect that he loved his mother and has a very genuine heart. I am sure his mom was very proud of him like I am of my son.

-- Love, Mom, via

Aspiring Christian

Very nice piece (SuggBlog, "The segregationist and the integrationist," Oct. 20). It's nice to know that there are people out there who truly get the whole Christianity thing. It serves as an inspiration to the rest of us knuckleheads who aspire to it.

-- Kevin Costelloe, via


Crack me up

Andisheh Nouraee: I read Creative Loafing every Saturday while I have breakfast, usually eggs and coffee. It is my routine. I go straight to your columns. I have to tell you, I am not good with keeping up with the news and I keep my mouth shut when it comes to political stuff out of fear of making a fool of myself.

But you have made me enjoy reading about the political stuff. I relate best to things written with humor -- and your sense of humor I love. You just crack me up. My neighbors often see me on my deck alone just laughing and look at me like I'm a freak.

This week's column (News & Views, Don't Panic, Oct. 20) on Kashmir: It took me a few minutes to realize the picture was of a cashmere shirt. And when I did, I almost choked on my toast. Too much.

And having Mathilde do your weekend update last week? Very clever (Scene & Herd, "What a dog wants, what a dog needs," Oct. 13). Too funny. Is she still romancing after Vinnie?

-- Paul Tramonte, Atlanta

Outlaw food

I'm writing about Thomas Bell's "Krispy Kreme contraband" (Arts, Shelf Space, Oct. 6).

According to, each year there are 17,000 deaths from all illegal drug use combined, direct and indirect.

No doubt the 17,000 illegal drug deaths are tragic, but that pales in comparison to the 365,000 deaths from poor diets or physical inactivity.

Speaking of poor diets, notice that we have no illegal foods, even though many foods are unhealthy -- especially if consumed in large portions over several years.

Perhaps we should criminalize a long list of potentially unhealthy foods -- for our own good, of course. Think of all the government jobs and careers that would create.

No doubt unhealthy food prohibition would be just as successful as our alcohol and drug prohibition.

-- Kirk Muse, Mesa, Ariz.

Highlight for her

I was so thrilled to read your story on Atlanta Celebrates Photography (Arts, "Global imaging," Sept. 29).

You did a great job hitting the highlights of a big month, and it's exciting to feel your interest in what we're doing. Thanks for all you do!

-- Corinne Adams,

co-founder, Atlanta Celebrates Photography

One of his best

Felicia Feaster: I have to thank you for your outstanding reviews. I loved A History of Violence (Flicks, "Born-again criminal," Sept. 29). One of David Cronenberg's best.

-- P.W. Shelton, Woodstock

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