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Change is here



Squint your eyes, hold this week's Loaf at arm's length and look at the cover. Ain't that a fine lookin' piece of work?

Damn right it is ... No! Not Mistress Vixen! I'm talking about our lovely new tabloid design: the colorful band our logo now streaks across. The sky tease with Hollis' photo. The bold teases at the bottom. We are so creative.

Inside this issue, you'll find other Loaf-a-licious improvements, including more color photos, a more logical sequence of sections (Vibes moved up while Happenings slipped back a bit), and a new cartoon, "Mugshot," by local illustrator Alan Laidlaw, which appears on this page.

These wonderful improvements are motivated purely by our selfless desire to serve You, Our Loyal Reader. But, wait, there's more! Before you write that letter nominating us for a Nobel Prize for all our good works, consider the other stuff we're adding over the next couple of weeks:

  • On June 5, we'll add movie showtimes to the Flicks section. We hope it'll be the most comprehensive movie list in town, because we offer the listings to theaters for free. (The daily paper charges cinemas, which occasionally leads to a couple of the chains getting ticked off and dropping out on account of jacked-up ad rates.) Also in the Flicks section, we'll start running a new TV/DVD/games column by staff writer Tray Butler.

  • On June 12, we'll kick off a new nightlife, style and fashion section. It'll feature a column on nightlife, along with club events, bar reviews, candid fashion shots and other features. We haven't settled on a name for that section yet. If you think of one, e-mail it over to me really quick (; if we use it, we'll scrounge up some free tickets for you.

    I realize that learning CL will carry all these new features is fairly unbelievable -- that it has lightened your day ... that you are dancing down the street in delightful anticipation that we'll offer even more to You, Our Loyal Reader.

    So I won't bother mentioning that we're doing all this without getting rid of anything currently in the paper, or that more additional features will come later. I did think I should tell you what we've got so far, though, so that you have time to write that Nobel Prize nomination letter for us before the deadline. You can e-mail that to me also, I'll send it on to the folks in Norway.

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