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Larvae: Loss Leader


Loss Leader finds Atlanta's perennial lo-fi beat alchemist Larvae bastardizing IDM with washes of melody, serenity and atmosphere. Originally intended as two EPs, the first half (Turning Around) recalls the guitar-minded textures of 2006's Dead Weight. The title track cleanses the mental palette with an introspective drone and scattered percussive drips that bleed into the head-nod waltz of "Gift Shop." Slow tempos drive the balance between murk and internal logic. Monster Music 2 occupies the second half with dark mashups of Godzilla samples and Jurassic bass squalls. Post-industrial rhythms turn on a dime in "Gigan and the Mysterians" and "Oxygen Destroyer" brings ominous closure. Despite their differences, both halves connect in a fluid motion of intelligent design best consumed in one monstrous swoop. 4 stars


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