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La Chansons: King and Queen of the Dance Floor




If La Chansons' King and Queen of the Dance Floor is supposed to be an ironic resuscitation of the most unbearable '80s pop clichés, the joke goes too far. As vocalist Carson Keller warbles to the Casio beat of "Workout Love" and "Sparklin'," her voice is so far off key it's a wonder that these songs made it to disc. Alongside husband Greg, the Kellers mash up simpleminded New Order, Bananarama and Sheena Easton dance beats, resulting in 10 pseudo-sassy numbers that are cute to the point of nausea. "Beauty Queen" carries the line, "My name is Carson Keller I'm from Marietta, Georgia/I love to dance and sing and rock out with my husband." There is nothing dangerous or compelling here, just techno PDA that the couple should keep to themselves. 1 out of 5 stars.

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