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Krystal burger eating contest


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On Sept. 13, 12 people competed in the Krystal hamburger-eating contest at Lenox Square Mall. The person who could consume the most Krystal and Big Angus hamburgers in eight minutes won a seat at the final table of the Krystal Square Off VI World Hamburger Eating Championship Sept. 27 in Chattanooga, TN where the top eaters will compete for $50,000 in cash prizes.

The winner at Lenox Square was “Humble” Bob Shoudt, “Humble” Bob consumed 41 Krystal and 5 Big Angus hamburgers in the eight minutes in a stomach-turning display of eating ability.

After the competition “Humble” Bob admitted to feeling a little guilty that he was not out protesting for clean water for the poor. “The world heath organization estimates over 400 people die a day because of poorly treated water,” “Humble” Bob said after consuming 46 hamburgers, “I feel guilty I am not protesting the use of treated water on soccer and football fields when it could be used to help those who have no clean water.”

(Photo and text by Joeff Davis)


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