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Kim T., Isis M., and Shanelle R.

A quick look at Atlanta's fashion sense


Who said dressing up in a costume was reserved strictly for Oct. 31? These three Ponce de Leon Whole Foods employees decided to spice up their workweek by holding Halloween in April.

They're implementing FISH - a philosophy that encourages fun and energy in the workplace.

Moonlighting as a hula dancer, Kim is actually a team leader in the customer service department.

Isis might be calling herself a bag lady, but her fine threads are Whole Foods recycled brown bags. Be sure to give her props the next time you see her in the checkout line.

Shanelle, aka Miss Diana Ross, works in customer service as a supervisor. Doing her part to recycle, too, this long green diva dress is a vintage find from East Atlanta's Thread Zeppelin (formerly the Dressing Room).


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