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A look at the numbers

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Number of tickets available for both Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia's Sept. 2 opening games: 0

Capacity of Tech's Bobby Dodd Stadium and UGA's Sanford Stadium, respectively: 55,000; 92,746

Number of Tech losses in 2005: 4

Number of UGA wins in 2005: 10

UGA's pre-season AP rank: 15

Tech's pre-season ESPNU Allstate rank: 25

Rank of UGA as a party school: 12

Rank of Tech among the nation's best public universities: 8

Time, under new rules to curb UGA's drinking image, fans can set up to tailgate: 7 a.m.

Number of family-friendly, alcohol-free zones at UGA: 2

Number of years Buzz, Tech's mascot, has appeared at athletic events: 27

Number of Ugas, the UGA mascot, buried at Sanford Stadium: 5

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