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Kelly Rowland, the ultra-sweet member of the now defunct Destiny's Child, stopped through Atlanta a few weeks ago promoting SoftSheen-Carson's My Style, My Way Tour ( While she was in town, Rowland -- who was actually born in the A and is currently working on her second solo album -- gave CL her current, five-strong list of favorite artists.

1) Nobody: "I'm very cautious about listening to other music while I'm recording. You don't want any melodies to bleed through your records [because] then you're like, 'What am I doing?' -- and then you're in a lawsuit."

Except for ...

2) Yung Joc: "Right now, my favorite song is (singing) 'Meet me in the club, it's goin' down.' I love that record!"

3) Kirk Franklin: "Honestly, I'm jamming Kirk Franklin. His newest album is just so inspirational."

4) Michelle Williams: "Of course, I'm listening to Michelle's new album. I love Michelle's new album. It's a beautiful, amazing album."

5) Mary Mary: "I'm jamming a lot of gospel right now. I felt like I needed a lot of inspiration right now, so I'm just taking it back to my roots."


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