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Kay Kallos

New director of the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center



An administrator and instructor at the Atlanta College of Art from 1989 until its closing in 2006, this month Kay Kallos assumes her new position as director of the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center.

1) The Rise of the Creative Class and How It's Transforming Work, Leisure, Community and Everyday Life by Richard Florida: "I read it several years ago, but after attending the Metro Atlanta Arts and Culture Coalition listening session for the visual arts community last night, it is definitely worth review as we work with the MAACC to refocus their strategies for support for the arts in Atlanta."

2) Sex, Death and Fly Fishing by John Gierach: "I made a pilgrimage to see 'Spiral Jetty' this summer, as I had taught students about it for many years, but never actually been there. It was truly breathtaking. I then proceeded to a remote location in the Tobacco Root Mountains in Montana to try my hand at fly fishing. ... The book by Gierach gave me wonderful insight into the sport that becomes a way of life for many people."

3) The new New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York: "The building is going to be a fabulous landmark and I can't wait to see it later this year. I love architecture that really grabs you and demands that you come in and see what is happening."

4) Maria Callas: "I love listening to my friends in the music world talk about the quality of music using what I consider to be visual terms, such as color, linear movement, brightness and so on. I have been listening to old recordings of her work to try to hear what they describe and try to 'see' the music."

5) Cats: "The Galloway School is doing Cats for the spring musical and I am assisting with the art direction and set design as I have for many years. The set is dark and ominous, but has to allow the cats to enter at various locations and jump up out of the debris."

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