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Dear Karma Cleanser:

On Monday, I was reading the ads on an online bulletin board for concert tickets. I saw that one of my favorite male vocalists was playing at a benefit concert that Thursday night. I contacted the person selling the tickets and told her I'd like to buy them. They were $50 each. She asked me if I was going to back out. I said I would not.

On Tuesday, I called my friend and asked him to go with me to the concert. He was surprised because he said my favorite singer was just hosting the show -- not actually singing. I sent an e-mail to the woman with the tickets and told her that something had come up and I could not see the show on Thursday. I was very apologetic for backing out. She sent me back this note: "You shouldn't have said definitely yes unless you knew you could go. Don't do that again; it's bad kharma."

I think she's wrong. She still had three days to sell the tickets. Do you agree?

-- Disappointed Goth Guy

The Karma Cleanser gives the ticket holder props for her consciousness, even if she does prefer the antiquated spelling. She's probably overreacting in saying you'll pay later for backing out now, though we tend to think your bigger offense is in lying about having a conflict that would keep you from seeing the concert. You should have told the truth that you didn't want to shell out 50 bucks unless homeboy was actually singing.

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