Dear Karma Cleanser: A few years back, I went on a few dates with a guy. We'll call him Rich. Things didn't work out, but we were able to stay friends.
Cut to today, when I find out that the person Rich is now dating is a former porn star. There are pictures of her all over the Internet, and my friends tell me you can rent her videos at the corner adult novelty shop.

I may be wrong, but I can't imagine that Rich knows this tidbit of information about his new love. And I'm not normally the kind of person who wants to interfere in a budding relationship. But I worry that when I see Rich I'm going to blurt out the news. I don't know how he'll react. He's very conservative even though he does have a wild side.

I'm dying to tell someone what I've learned, and also dying of curiosity about these videos. Am I cursed for telling my friend, or should I just keep quiet?-- Stuck in the Parking Lot of Southern Nights

You're confusing curiosity with responsibility. We all have skeletons in our closet that we'd rather not immediately share with a new beau -- though admittedly most of our past indiscretions aren't on sale between the dildos and dental dams. You'd best keep your mouth shut with Rich for now. If he does know about his new honey's past and feels comfortable discussing it with you, let him bring it up. Maybe the wild side you mentioned is more prevalent than you suspect. As for you, just rent the blasted video and move on.

Dear Karma Cleanser: I'm putting together the guest list for my birthday party weekend, and I think there's some bad karma at work already. Last year at this same party, two friends ended up having a fight. Now they don't talk anymore. I've stayed friends with both of them, even though one of them put me in a very bad situation by spreading things I'd said about the other friend.
Anyway, it's time to send out the invitations and I don't want to get stuck in the middle of this fight again. I don't want to lose either friend or have them hate me because they did not get invited. I think I'll invite both of them, but I think the problems that were in the past are just going to come around again.-- Full Circle

What's your question exactly? And how old are you? This sounds like a middle-school slumber party gone wrong. We suggest you just invite both friends and see what happens. It's your party, but they can fight if they want to.

Been bad?

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