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Dear Karma Cleanser:
I have a friend in a new relationship. All of her close friends know it is bound for disaster because her new boyfriend is a notorious "skirt chaser." In fact, he's pursuing other women, a lot of other women, right now while telling my friend she's the only one. He's even asked me to "hang out" while she's at work. Really, she seems to be the only woman in this city who is unaware of his extracurricular activities. We all think she's going to get hurt ... bad.

In our little group, I'm usually the person who steps forward in these situations and says what's what. I'm OK with that mostly, I can take the heat. But this time is different. She seems more excited and in love than I've seen her in so long and while I'm sure telling her would avoid this impending heartbreak, it would also ruin the happiness she has now.

Does it cancel out bad karma to tell my friend and hurt her now so that she doesn't get hurt worse later? I think if I wait too long, it'll just be a car wreck. This may seem simple, but I'm worried that it will backlash against me. -- Sister Snitch

Normally the Karma Cleanser urges readers to butt out of their friends' relationships. You got to let folks learn their own lessons, we say. But this time, you'd best let your girl know her new man has been chasing skirt -- your skirt. Don't even hint at the other stuff you think you know, just tell her he's hit on you. She might not take the news so well, but better she hear it now and not later.

Dear Karma Cleanser:
In response to "Bad Car Karma Guy" whose car had been hit five times this year: To borrow from dream analysis, cars often symbolize your body or your way of moving through life. Your body is literally your vehicle. Apply this to your very awake world and ask yourself if how you are approaching matters is ultimately coming back in not-so-subtle ways to haunt or taunt you. Essentially, are you either "driven" to or by distraction? Remember, it's usually our actions and not our doubts that invoke all-knowing karma. Analogies aside, a car is but a car, and a few scratches and dents the same. Don't let them distract you lest you end up wrapping that car around the tree in the proverbial forest. And as an aside, when we ask if we're paranoid and whiny, we're paranoid and whiny.-- Dreaming While Awake

Um, what? We agree with your last statement, but all the flakey aphorisms above it read like a New Age bus wreck. Keep dreaming.

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