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Dear Karma Cleanser:
I have a friend who's volunteered me to go to London with her for our 25th birthdays this February. I don't really want to go overseas right now; I've told her I don't have the money (if I'm going to go, I want to do it up right). She's still talking about it like I've made a commitment -- which I haven't. This girl is a dear friend but isn't the easiest traveling partner.

The bad part is, I'm planning two trips next year, one to Nebraska and the other to California, two places that I actually want to see, with people I want to see them with. So here I am saving money to go out West on not one, but two trips, yet I can't save enough money for London?

While I'd love to just suck it up and go, and not have to face the guilt of being a horrible friend, I don't have the desire, energy or time off work to waste on a trip I'm not interested in. I've dug a hole somehow. Now I have to get out and I don't know how. How can I get around this mess without losing a very good friend?

-- Not Feeling London Right Now

Really, this isn't about money or vacation days, but about personalities. You're completely justified in resisting a trip with a high-maintenance travel buddy, whose personality must really suck given your choosing Nebraska over London. Sit your friend down and explain to her that you've decided to stick to Stateside travel for 2004. She'll probably be hurt, but it's better to nix the itinerary now than, say, once you land at Gatwick.

Dear Karma Cleanser:
Recently, I was with a friend at a bar when my car was towed from a grocery store parking lot across the street. My problem is not with the towing company (although there's a special place in hell for them), but with my friend's roommate. We called and asked if she could come pick us up. She said she was considering going to bed, but she would think about coming to get us and call us back in a minute. Well, that minute never materialized and we had to find alternate means of transportation.

Does what she did (or did not do) constitute bad karma? If so, what kind of bad karma is coming her way?

-- Broke from the towing

It's hard to decipher the nature of your friend's relationship with the roommate, though it sounds chilly at best. Perhaps there's a history of slights and offenses you don't know about, which would explain her rudeness. Or maybe she's just a bitch. Regardless, karma will eventually make her regret leaving you folks like that. Girlfriend better invest in AAA, or buy some comfy walking shoes, because being stranded ain't much fun.

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