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Karma Cleanser

Am I stupid for turning down $200 for sex?

Karma Cleanser:
A guy offered me money to sleep with him for just an hour. His price was $200, but considering that I've been married for five years now and have never cheated on my husband, I turned him down. He persisted for several months and insisted the money was not paying for the sex, but he just wanted to help me out. I persisted in saying no. One time, however, money got low and a quick $200 seemed appealing. So I went to his hotel room, stripped to my birthday suit and got in bed with him. He started touching me, but I realized what I was about to do. So I told him I couldn't do it, got dressed and left. To this day, my husband doesn't know. What does this say about me? Does this mean I will cheat on him if the price is right? Was what I did cheating or should I have taken the money -- it's just sex, right? Help!

-- Pay by the hour

Temptation often arrives with a side dish of good intentions and leaves an aftertaste of "What if?" The universe is teaching you a lesson here about your own limitations. You did the right thing by refusing this indecent proposal.

Karma Cleanser:
Three years ago, my parents moved abroad for a job assignment. I stayed here to take care of their house and had an old college friend move in with me. It didn't work out. By the end of the year we weren't even speaking (she actually expected me to either pay more on the electric bill or not turn on any lights until she got home from work). My friends and I decided to have a little fun with her and mix Weight Gainer 2000 in with her SlimFast. She ended up gaining 25 pounds in about two months. I would feel bad, but I just can't. Could this affect me?

-- Worth the Weight?

Though the Karma Cleanser gives you major points for creative revenge tactics, we also wonder why you didn't just kick the greedy bitch out of your house? Whether you feel bad or not, your malicious milkshakes will come back to haunt you, and they aren't so tasty the second time around.

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