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Karaoke songs you think you can sing



Mary's karaoke host CJ is the "King of Karaoke," the "Maestro of Mary's," and the self-proclaimed "Prince of Perfect Pitch." But when you sing the following songs, CJ is forced to hide in the bathroom. (Or at least that's why he says he's in there so much.)

1) "Sexual Healing" -- Marvin Gaye: Think you'd never sing this one? Better not down that Buttery Nipple. Tipsy does not equal sexy. "And you have to be sexy, but cool, to get that one right," CJ says.

2) "Open Arms" -- Journey: Open arms ... but closed ears. "People sing it so loud," CJ says.

3) "Love Shack" -- B-52's: "I like this song, it's just overdone." Everybody: "Ti-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-n Roof!"

4) "I Will Survive" -- Gloria Gaynor: "The audience hopes it will, too."

5) "Suddenly Seymour": It's from Little Shop of Horrors, which, as you warble through the opening lines, is what the bar turns into, says CJ.

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