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Kahle Davis



Atlanta native Kahle Davis works both sides of the microphone. He's a busy sound engineer, talent buyer, promoter, booking agent, performing songwriter, and self-proclaimed "Small Time Operator on the Music Business Scene." He currently hosts and books the Songsmiths series at Smith's Olde Bar on Monday and Tuesday nights in the Atlanta Room.

If you've been to Smith's Olde Bar, Mr. C's, the Brandy House, Jake's Toadhouse, American Pie, Open Mic Atlanta events, or Hi Tech Rentals recently, you probably saw or heard Davis at work.

"I'm a jackass of all trades," he says. He's been a legal investigator/process server and network engineer.

Which end of the mic do you prefer? "The sound booth is usually the best seat in the house, and if you don't like something about the show you can nudge it in the right direction. And performing is where it's at for me when there is a good audience there to actually listen, but nothing sucks worse than playing in a sports bar that is loath to turn down the ball game. The best situation is when you can do both, like I do at Smith's."

"One night at the Red Light I was sound guy, performer and bouncer. I actually left the stage in the middle of a song, broke up a fight, escorted the offenders out of the bar, jumped back up on stage and finished the song all in the span of maybe 60 seconds. The place went nuts."

Advice for up-and-coming performers: "Don't be too available, tune your guitar, sing with your real voice, and always have a good cover ready in case you should get an encore after playing all your best originals."


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