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A Cross the Universe DVD



Filmed on Justice's 2008 American tour, A Cross the Universe is a light-hearted film documenting a French group on the cusp of mega-stardom. Traveling across the U.S. in an oversized tour bus, the hirsute members of the electronic duo explore the country anonymously during the day and blow the minds of thousands of devotees at night. Highlights include the musings of their Sam Elliot-toned bus driver, an incognito Kanye West rocking out in the crowd at one of their shows, and bandmate Xavier de Rosnay's impromptu performance of "Under the Bridge" before a pretending-to-be-unamused Anthony Kiedis. Along the way, the pair molest groupies, get married and get arrested, while their gun-obsessed road manager frightens diner employees by flashing his piece. The DVD is less about the music – for that, a San Francisco live show CD is included – and more about the whimsical adventures of a pair of modern-day rock stars. 4 stars.

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