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Jupiter, Queen of the Gods


Local drag entertainer Jason Jupiter is a freelance queen hired to do anything from being eye candy at nightclubs to lip synching along with Radiohead songs for the Metro rock event "Transfixion" to serving as emcee of the Big Gay Supper Club dinners.

By day, he adorns paintings with original hand-finished frames for the Deljou Art Group. By night, he is a self-proclaimed "professional champagne drinker."

On the profuse amount of outfits and accessories (and personalities) that come with his line of work: "It's like living with two people, almost like being bipolar!"

Jason began to dress fully in drag when working as a doorman and bartender at Nomenclature Museum, where he got his diva training and developed his radical hodge-podge technique for his costumes -- he never wears the same thing twice.

Most embarrassing moment: "I had slid down on my knees on the stairs of Backstreet a couple times. But what can you do? All you do is laugh because you can't take yourself too seriously. You're a man in a dress."

On classic cinema: "I know this is typical fag-drag-queen-shit, but I love The Anniversary with Bette Davis. It's got all these great one-liners." He then proceeds to quote Divine from Hairspray, his other favorite movie.

His most beloved drink, the Stoli Boli, is champagne mixed with a little bit of vodka.

On wearing white after Labor Day: "I don't wear white. Period."


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