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Jumpin' Jaipur

In the nightclub biz, newer is always better. Newer is brighter, flashier, trendier and definitely where you want to be seen. Buckhead's newest nightclub Jaipur is just that kind of new. Pronounced sort of Frenchy, Zhe-pour is named after a remote Malaysian island and carries an exotic feel.

When you enter, you have two choices: left or right. To the left is the "club" area, a slick dance floor flanked by two bars and massive amounts of techno music. On the dance floor are mostly hard-bodied men and women, who constitute the majority of patrons at the club. In here it does not really matter what your style, just so long as you have it and everyone can tell. It's the place you wear that outfit that's cooler than you are.

To the right is the "back bar," a cozier place with flat-screen plasma TVs and plush leather couches divided by silk screens. Here the Asian theme becomes a bit more apparent. Soft lighting accentuates the Chinese symbols carved into the walls around the room. This is where the two VIP areas are (one upstairs and the other down), guarded by large, quiet men in suits.

Vodka drinks seemed to fit the vibe. Absolut and tonic ($8), Absolut Greyhound ($8), and Absolut and cranberry ($8) all turned out to be absolutely heavy on the alcohol. I chased that down with some wonderfully priced McCallan 12-year ($8) and a cool blue clubby kind of liqueur called H2O and Absolut ($9), and I woke up the next day with an absolute hangover.

Jaipur. 293 Pharr Road. Hours: Sun.-Thurs. 7 p.m.-2 a.m.; Fri.-Sat 7 p.m.-4 a.m. Drink prices: Beer $4-$5; liquor $7-$15; wine $7. 404-841-6269.

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