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Johnny Cash: At Folsom Prison: Legacy Edition



The Cash onslaught continues, this time with a souped up version of the essential At Folsom Prison. Here are two full shows, and a new DVD of rare footage of the event and interviews with former inmates and Cash's surviving family and friends, discussing the social relevance and historical importance of the album. Deep liner notes make great reading, and expose a few interesting (and slightly disappointing) surprises. For example, the crowd response when Cash sang "I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die" was edited in. Fans will relish the inclusion of the second show, from which only two of the 26 tracks have been previously available. There's some filler, including well intentioned gospel tunes and classics by Carl Perkins. But the power for the show is obvious in Cash's immediate rapport and connection with the "captive" audience, and once again the Man in Black proves he was the voice of the masses. 5 stars.

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