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John Otte's Top Five

Atlanta curator


Multitalented John Otte most recently curated Exquisite Abstraction, a group show at Whitespace Gallery through Jan. 13.

1) The Bywater neighborhood, New Orleans (www.bywater.org): "New growth in the midst of so much devastation."

2) The Guggenheim Museum, summer 2006: "The whole place with its exterior paint all stripped down to a raw, lead-like concrete state, featuring the nearly gravity-defying work of architect Zaha Hadid, the entropic drawings of Jackson Pollock, and some of the earliest abstract works by Kandinsky and Malevich."

3) Tropical Truth: A Story of Music and Revolution in Brazil by Caetano Veloso, Barbara Einzig (De Capo Press): "An amazing account of the late '60s/early '70s tropicalia movement where there was seemingly no division between art, poetry, culture and politics."

4) "Vrioon" by Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto (Import, Raster Noton): "A masterpiece of post-techno electronica, yet very human."

5) Music of every sort: "It's just about the only thing I can count on -- New Orleans music, ambient, Brazilian, noise, aleatoric, Daniel Lanois, Flaming Lips, John Cage, Jobim, Timewriter, Luaka Bop Remix."

— Felicia Feaster

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