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Jimmy Gough

Manager of Costumes, Etc ...



Jimmy Gough plays so many roles -- janitor, designer, salesman, tailor -- as manager of Costumes, Etc..., it's no wonder he doesn't have time to dress up. So why do some first-time shoppers say, "Oh, you're the guy that we heard dresses crazy"? Maybe it's his authentic, cool, dramatic tendencies and his eye for fashion.

Gough owned a vintage-clothing store in Va-Hi in the early '80s, is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and wears "crazy" native threads simply because he likes them.

He's worked for 12 years at the Buckhead store founded by his little sister, Jane Powell. A new location -- and a big moving sale -- is set for June.

The store serves a wide range, from corporations and elementary schools to Cartoon Network and music videos. Big Boi and Ludacris have shopped there.

Gough grew up watching black-and-white movies. That and his theater background make it easier for him to costume shows. "I know what to do, I know who the characters are. I know what the look is going to be."

His favorite period for clothes is from the 1900s to 1974. "Then it went disco ... and those clothes are endlessly amusing to me."


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