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Japandroids: Celebration Rock



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In an age where indie music is defined by sheen-chic, glo-fi vibes, and unapologetic Animal Collective hero worship, it's refreshing to stand up and shout along with a good old-fashioned rock record. Vancouver, British Columbia's Japandroids turned heads with Post-Nothing, the band's cathartic 2009 debut that seemed to literally explode with youthful passion. Celebration Rock tones down the edge but retains the group's fist-pumping emo energy. Songs such as "Fire's Highway" seem like sonic and thematic sequels to tracks like "Young Hearts Spark Fire." Japandroids are still singing and playing the very spirit of rock 'n' roll; their songs are rapturous odes to the high water marks of young adulthood. Celebration Rock is thicker sounding and more even-keeled than its predecessor, but its fiery heart remains the same. (4 out of 5 stars)


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