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Jandek: Atlanta Saturday: Outcast of Civilization

Corwood Industries



Jandek's Atlanta performance at the Academy of Medicine in February 2007 is an elegant masterpiece in a catalogue of nearly 70 titles. Since first appearing in 1978, Jandek (né Sterling Smith) has cultivated a reclusive and somewhat deranged guitar-slinger persona. In Atlanta he sat behind a grand piano leading a cast of locals armed with bass clarinet, percussion, and violin through a sprawling, improvised concert that was alive with modern classical hues and lyrical ruminations on the nature of reality and illusion. People in the audience called it "the Matrix Suite," some even grumbled about the lack of guitar playing. But five years later, Outcast of Civilization arrives as one of Jandek's most cohesive, and engaging albums - an easy entry for beginners, and a must-have for obsessive types. (5 out of 5 stars)

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