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Is New Year's Eve a big night in Atlanta?


Dana, Atlanta:
Nothing unique or special about it. In Boston, they have the boats, the harbor. They incorporate their history into their New Year's celebration. I know we can't create a harbor but we should do something unique that says something about Atlanta. I'm new here but I know Atlanta was burned down. Maybe everybody dress up as Scarlett or some Gone With The Wind character to make New Year's special in Atlanta.

Marc, Atlanta:
It's a reason to leave Atlanta. In Miami, you got the weather, in New York you got a million nuts waiting for a ball to drop. You stay in Atlanta and you end up at a boring party asking yourself why you didn't get out of town. The Peach drop is boring. We don't need another fruit dropping. We need to fire off some cannons, anything military showing our bitterness or preoccupation with the Civil War, or maybe shoot the Peach out of a cannon.

Dave & Robbi, Atlanta:
Oh yeah. Atlanta is a big partying and drinking town and New Year's Eve is the night they deem party night so the night is twice as strong. Everybody is dressing up and looking good. We're heterosexuals so we're just looking at the women, but it's still different because everybody is spending a little more money, looking better, it's a non-denominational non-culture holiday, so everybody can and has a reason to party.


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