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Is Atlanta romantic in the winter?

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Ashley: My view of romance is a six-pack of Schlitz and Puzzle Bubble, which is a dorky video game. I love it here because it's gorgeous, romantic and I can drink PBR in a majority of the bars. I have a poor man's palate for romance. And I like nothing more than the contrast between all the fractal limbs of the trees against the sky. More romantic than sunsets.

Kevin: A stroll through the Botanical Garden. You're outdoors so you're forced to snuggle up a bit. I got engaged there. And the nice thing is that it's not incredibly crowded this time of year. The cold weather lends itself to being romantic. I'm a big rose fan and I also like camellias.

Takiba: Everything is romantic about Atlanta, especially in the winter. The way the trees whistle, the way the wind blows, the way you can just be with someone you love, looking in their eyes, and it means the whole world. You can just sit out on the Jackson Street bridge in the winter, with some candles and a little dinner and look at the beautiful skyline; I'd take it over Paris any day.


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