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Is Atlanta a big New Year's Eve party town?


Jon: Yes, but there's nothing to do after the Peach Drop. In Underground Atlanta, there's Hooters -- but who wants to go to Hooters? The rest of the stores are closed, and who wants to go to the Gap at midnight? So right after the Drop, everybody scrams for MARTA. I had an incident when a woman was almost trampled. I had to put my hand between two posts to keep the people from walking over her. Then a guy poked me in the eye, and I punched him. Trying to get on MARTA, it's the strong trampling the weak just to get a good seat. There needs to be some fun afterward. Get the Allman Brothers, and we'll hang out all night.

Naomi: Yes, but it's a private party town. I always go to the symphony party, and then there's a champagne party. It closes up early because a lot of old people go to that one -- but then you can go to private parties and have a really good time. Haute Atlanta does not like to mix; they don't like to be rubbing shoulders with people they really don't like. When I talk to people from outside Atlanta who come in, they say, "Why isn't there anyone at the clubs?" No one wants to go to the clubs because you're there -- Yankees." We consider [public parties] for other people. If you're invited nowhere, you go to a public party.

Saint: Dick Clark is not here. It's not New York. I don't consider Atlanta a real city. I've never seen a place with so many counties in my life. From what I hear, this is the New York of the South. But Atlanta -- it's not enough people. It doesn't give me that complete city feeling. There aren't enough towering buildings that block off the sun. You see the Peach Drop, you don't feel a sense of claustrophobia. There's nothing fascinating about Atlanta for New Year's.


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