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Inman Park Wish List



1) "My hope is that they don't build that stupid condo where Victory Sandwiches is. That would screw up the neighborhood." — Ben Coleman, 33, musician Kid Pyramid, Noot d'Noot

2) "The sidewalks. I wish they would fix the sidewalks. They're ankle breakers. I feel like I need rappelling gear to walk down the street." — Shannon M. Turner, manager of programs and services at Alternate Roots

3) "More moped riders. I don't see enough of 'em. They save energy and take up less space. They should be riding them here, just like in Europe." — Jim Montgomery, general manager of Savi Urban Market

4) "We would love to see more public park amenities, like a dog park and picnic area." — Simon Keim, 36, co-owner of Dough Bakery

5) "More affordable housing. Everyone wants to live in a walkable place close to transportation, but no one can afford it." — Nicole Cromartie, 31, coordinator of interpretation for a local museum

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