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I Love New York

Ex-Atlantans Dish on life in New York



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Stacie Hanna had a similar experience when she and her husband left New York in 1999 to come to Atlanta for his medical residency. "Once we got here, I seriously second-guessed the decision," she says. "My theory is that because New York is such a unique place, it's difficult to move anywhere from there without an adjustment period. There's something about that city, love it or hate it, that gets in your blood."

Hanna began to explore Atlanta and discovered its charms. She found friends and formed relationships, and now considers Atlanta a great place to live. And what does she think about all the ex-New Yorkers who whine about Atlanta's bagels and pizza? She recommends the bagels at Goldberg's delicatessen and the pizza at Pricci.

She also offers them a bit of advice. "It takes time to get to know and enjoy any city," she says. "There are a lot of wonderful, unique things about New York, but don't compare it to Atlanta. Love Atlanta for what it is; don't hate it for what it isn't."

CL news intern Michelle Ye Hee Lee helped research this story.

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