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How should the $1 million for Piedmont Park from AT&T be spent?

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Chuck: The trees at Lake Claire need to come down. There's a bunch. They're going to come down, one way or the other, and it would be better if they come down aided and assisted by man rather than letting God do it because they might hurt somebody. It's a safety issue. I don't know why it is all of them seem to be dying.

Craig: The running paths are too open. I'd like to see more trees where people run. I don't like running where it's all way out in the open. So a little more shrubbery on the inside of the park. And free food for all Fulton County residents. Some apples, oranges and more water fountains would be nice.

Nadia: Lights and maybe gas heaters. And the signs always say benches are for people and the rocks are for dogs. I don't think so. Nobody uses the benches but it would be nice to have a couple more rocks. And it would be neat if they would subsidize puppy training class.


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